Toyota Avensis T270

The Toyota Avensis T270, also known as the third generation of the Toyota Avensis, is a vehicle known for its blend of practicality, comfort, and reliability. Here's a short review covering the main aspects of the Avensis T270:

1. **Design & Build**: The Avensis T270 features a sleek and modern design, with a more dynamic look compared to its predecessors. The build quality is solid, reflecting Toyota's reputation for constructing durable and long-lasting vehicles.

2. **Performance**: The Avensis T270 offers a range of petrol and diesel engines. While it's not designed as a sports car, the performance is adequate for everyday driving needs. The diesel engines, in particular, are appreciated for their blend of performance and fuel efficiency.

3. **Interior & Comfort**: The interior of the Avensis T270 is spacious and well-crafted. The materials used are of high quality, ensuring comfort and durability. The cabin is designed to be driver-focused, with intuitive layout and controls. It's also well-insulated, providing a quiet environment, enhancing the comfort during long journeys.

4. **Ride & Handling**: The Avensis T270 is tuned more for comfort than sporty handling. The suspension does a good job of absorbing bumps, making it an excellent cruiser, especially on motorways. The handling is secure and predictable, though not particularly engaging, which is in line with the car's overall character as a dependable family or business vehicle.

5. **Safety & Reliability**: Toyota is well-known for reliability, and the Avensis T270 is no exception. It's built to last, and many owners report high mileage without major issues. Safety features are comprehensive, providing peace of mind with features such as multiple airbags, stability control, and in some models, advanced driver assistance systems.

6. **Practicality**: The Avensis T270 scores high on practicality, offering generous boot space and plenty of room for passengers. It's well-suited for families or as a business vehicle. The estate version, in particular, is favored for its ample cargo space and versatility.

In summary, the Toyota Avensis T270 is a solid all-rounder, offering reliability, comfort, and practicality. While it might not be the most exciting car in its class, it's a sensible choice for those looking for a dependable and comfortable vehicle for everyday use and long-distance travel.


The Toyota Avensis T270, part of the third generation of the Avensis series, upholds Toyota's strong reputation for reliability. Owners and experts often praise this model for its durability and the low incidence of significant mechanical issues. Here are some points highlighting the reliability of the Toyota Avensis T270:

1. **Robust Build Quality**: Toyota's commitment to quality is evident in the Avensis T270. The vehicle is well-built, using high-quality materials and components, which contributes to its longevity and dependability.

2. **Reliable Engine Options**: Whether you opt for a petrol or diesel engine, the Avensis T270's powertrains are known for their durability. The diesel variants, in particular, are appreciated for their longevity and resilience, even with high mileage.

3. **Low Maintenance Costs**: The Avensis T270 is designed to be low-maintenance, with routine servicing generally being all that's needed to keep the car running smoothly. When repairs are necessary, the cost is typically reasonable, partly due to the wide availability of parts.

4. **High Mileage Potential**: Many owners report that the Avensis T270 can achieve high mileage without significant issues, a testament to its build quality and the reliability of its engines.

5. **Safety and Recalls**: Toyota is proactive in managing recalls and addressing any potential safety issues. The Avensis T270, like other Toyota models, has been subject to recalls when necessary, with the company typically handling such matters efficiently and effectively.

6. **Owner Satisfaction**: Consumer surveys and reliability indexes often rank the Avensis T270 highly. Owners generally report a high level of satisfaction, particularly noting the car's reliability and practicality.

While individual experiences can vary, and proper maintenance is crucial for any vehicle, the Toyota Avensis T270 is generally regarded as a reliable choice in the mid-size car segment. It's a car that many trust for daily use, long journeys, and everything in between, with minimal unexpected downtime for repairs.

Best Engine

The Toyota Avensis T270 offers a range of engine options, each with its own strengths, catering to various preferences and driving requirements. When considering the "best" engine, it's essential to balance factors like performance, fuel efficiency, reliability, and intended use. Here are some of the notable engines available in the Avensis T270:

1. **1.8-liter Valvematic Petrol Engine**: This engine is known for its smooth operation and reasonable balance between performance and fuel efficiency. It's a solid choice for those who prefer petrol engines and do a mix of city and motorway driving.

2. **2.0-liter Valvematic Petrol Engine**: Offering more power than the 1.8-liter variant, this engine is suitable for those who desire a bit more performance and are willing to trade-off some fuel efficiency for it.

3. **2.0-liter D-4D Diesel Engine**: This engine is renowned for its fuel efficiency and torque, making it an excellent choice for drivers who cover long distances, especially on motorways. It offers a good balance of performance and economy, with the durability diesel engines are known for.

4. **2.2-liter D-4D Diesel Engine**: Available in different power outputs, this engine is for those who prioritize performance without significantly compromising fuel efficiency. The higher-powered versions (150hp and 177hp) provide brisk acceleration and are well-suited for heavier loads and spirited driving.

5. **2.2-liter D-CAT Diesel Engine**: This variant of the 2.2-liter engine comes with Toyota's clean diesel technology, offering a blend of performance, fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions. It's an option for those who want the benefits of a diesel engine while being more environmentally conscious.

When choosing the "best" engine for the Toyota Avensis T270, consider the following:

- **For balanced everyday driving**: The 1.8-liter Valvematic petrol engine.
- **For more spirited performance**: The 2.0-liter Valvematic petrol engine.
- **For long-distance and economical cruising**: The 2.0-liter D-4D diesel engine.
- **For performance-oriented driving with diesel economy**: The 2.2-liter D-4D diesel engine (especially the 150hp or 177hp versions).
- **For an eco-friendly diesel option**: The 2.2-liter D-CAT diesel engine.

Each engine has its merits and potential drawbacks, so the best choice depends on your driving habits, performance expectations, and priorities regarding fuel economy and environmental impact.


The Toyota Avensis T270, the third generation of the Avensis, is known for its practicality, comfort, and solid build quality. The specifications can vary based on the exact model year, trim, and market, but here's a general overview of the specifications for the Toyota Avensis T270:

### Dimensions
- **Length**: Approximately 4,695 mm (sedan) and 4,780 mm (estate)
- **Width**: Approximately 1,810 mm
- **Height**: Approximately 1,480 mm
- **Wheelbase**: Approximately 2,700 mm
- **Boot Space**: Varies, with the estate version offering more space. The sedan typically offers around 509 liters, expanding with folded rear seats.

### Engine Options
1. **Petrol Engines**:
- 1.6-liter Valvematic (132 PS)
- 1.8-liter Valvematic (147 PS)
- 2.0-liter Valvematic (152 PS)

2. **Diesel Engines**:
- 2.0-liter D-4D (126 PS)
- 2.2-liter D-4D (150 PS and 177 PS)
- 2.2-liter D-CAT (150 PS)

### Performance
- **Power Output**: Ranges from around 126 PS (2.0-liter D-4D) to 177 PS (2.2-liter D-4D).
- **Torque**: Varies, with diesel engines offering higher torque, beneficial for load carrying and towing.
- **0-100 km/h (0-62 mph)**: Approximately 9-11 seconds, varying by engine type and size.
- **Top Speed**: Ranges from around 200 km/h to 220 km/h, depending on the engine.

### Transmission
- Available with a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

### Fuel Economy
- Varies based on the engine and transmission. Diesel engines are generally more fuel-efficient, especially for highway driving.

### Features (Depending on the trim level)
- **Interior**: Infotainment system with touchscreen, Bluetooth, and navigation in higher trims.
- **Safety**: Advanced safety features including multiple airbags, stability control, and possibly Toyota Safety Sense in later models.
- **Comfort**: Options may include dual-zone climate control, leather seats, and advanced driver-assistance systems.

These specs provide a general idea of what the Toyota Avensis T270 offers. It's important to check the specific details for the exact model year and trim you are considering, as features and specifications can vary. The Avensis T270 is known for its comfort, reliability, and practicality, making it a popular choice for families and professionals alike.