Honda Civic MK9


The ninth generation Honda Civic, often referred to as the Mk9, was produced from 2011 to 2017 and is known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and comfortable interior. Here's a short review covering its main aspects:

1. **Design & Style**: The Mk9 Civic features a futuristic and bold design, with a sleek profile and distinctive front and rear styling. The interior is spacious and modern, with high-quality materials and a well-organized dashboard layout.

2. **Performance**: It offers a range of engine options, including efficient petrol and diesel choices. These engines are known for their reliability and provide a good balance between performance and fuel economy. The ride is smooth and handling is precise, making it a good all-rounder.

3. **Comfort & Space**: The Civic Mk9 is praised for its comfortable seats and roomy interior. The cabin is well-insulated from road noise, and there's ample legroom and headroom for passengers. The boot space is generous, enhanced by Honda's versatile 'Magic Seats' in the rear, which can fold in various ways to accommodate different cargo needs.

4. **Features & Technology**: Depending on the trim level, the Mk9 Civic comes equipped with various modern features, including climate control, a touchscreen infotainment system, and a range of driver assistance technologies.

5. **Reliability & Safety**: Honda has a strong reputation for reliability, and the Civic Mk9 is no exception. It typically scores well in reliability surveys and has a good safety rating, with many models featuring multiple airbags and advanced safety systems.

In summary, the Honda Civic Mk9 is a well-rounded vehicle known for its stylish design, efficient performance, comfortable interior, and strong reliability. It's a suitable choice for those seeking a dependable and practical compact car.


The Honda Civic Mk9 is generally regarded as a reliable car, consistent with Honda's reputation for building durable and dependable vehicles. Here are some points that underline its reliability:

1. **Build Quality**: The Civic Mk9 is known for its solid build quality. Honda's attention to detail and use of durable materials contribute to the vehicle's longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

2. **Engine Reliability**: Honda's engines are among the most praised in the industry for their longevity and trouble-free operation. The Mk9 Civic's engines, whether petrol or diesel, are no exception and are known for their long life and minimal issues.

3. **Low Maintenance Costs**: Owners of the Civic Mk9 often report lower than average maintenance and repair costs. Honda's widespread dealership and service network also mean that parts are readily available and reasonably priced.

4. **Owner Satisfaction**: Many owners report high levels of satisfaction with the Civic Mk9, particularly praising its reliability and cost-effectiveness over the long term.

5. **Recalls and Common Issues**: While the Civic Mk9, like any car, has had recalls and known issues, these have been relatively minor and efficiently addressed by Honda. It's always advisable to check the specific history of any used car, but the Mk9 does not have any widespread, serious issues reported.

As with any vehicle, individual experiences can vary, and the condition and reliability of a specific car can depend on factors like its maintenance history, mileage, and previous use. However, the Honda Civic Mk9 is generally considered a safe bet for those seeking a reliable and long-lasting vehicle.

Best Engine

The Honda Civic Mk9 offers a range of engines, each with its own set of advantages, catering to different preferences for power, fuel economy, and driving dynamics. While the best engine choice can be subjective based on individual needs, some engines are often highlighted for their overall balance and performance:

1. **1.8-Liter i-VTEC Petrol**: This engine is well-regarded for its reliability and performance, offering a good balance of power and fuel efficiency. It's known for its smooth operation and is suitable for everyday driving with adequate acceleration and overtaking capabilities.

2. **2.2-Liter i-DTEC Diesel**: For those prioritizing fuel efficiency and torque, the 2.2-liter diesel engine is a strong contender. It delivers excellent fuel economy and provides substantial torque, making it suitable for longer journeys and highway driving.

3. **1.6-Liter i-DTEC Diesel**: Introduced later in the Mk9's lifecycle, this engine is praised for its even better fuel efficiency compared to the 2.2-liter version, and it still provides sufficient power and a smooth driving experience.

Each of these engines has its merits, and the best choice depends on your driving needs, whether you prioritize fuel economy, enjoy a more spirited driving experience, or need a reliable engine for everyday commuting. It's also worth considering the total cost of ownership, including fuel consumption, tax rates, insurance costs, and maintenance when choosing the engine that best suits your needs.


The Honda Civic Mk9, available from 2011 to 2017, is a compact car with a range of features and specifications that cater to a broad spectrum of drivers. Notable for its "one-motion" design, it offers a sleek, aerodynamic profile that's slightly smaller and lighter compared to its predecessors. Here's an overview of its key specs:

1. **Dimensions**:
- **Wheelbase**: 2,670 mm (105.1 in) for the sedan and 2,620 mm (103.1 in) for the coupe.
- **Length**: 4,557 mm (179.4 in) for the sedan and 4,472 mm (176.1 in) for the coupe.
- **Width**: 1,755 mm (69.1 in) across sedan, coupe, and hybrid models.
- **Height**: Ranges from 1,430 mm to 1,435 mm (56.3–56.5 in) for the sedan and 1,397 mm (55.0 in) for the coupe.
- **Curb Weight**: Varies from 1,177 kg to 1,260 kg (2,595–2,778 lb) for the coupe, 1,183 kg to 1,270 kg (2,608–2,800 lb) for the sedan, and 1,280 kg to 1,304 kg (2,822–2,875 lb) for the hybrid.

2. **Engines**:
- The Mk9 Civic came with several engine options, including a 1.5 L LEA-MF6 + IMA I4 and a 1.8 L R18Z1 I4 for petrol/CNG variants.

3. **Transmissions**:
- A variety of transmissions were available, including 5-speed automatic, 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, and CVT options.

4. **Performance and Fuel Efficiency**:
- The Civic is known for its efficient performance. Honda's Eco Assist technology is added to most models (except Si), aiming to improve fuel economy by about 10% for Honda's hybrid vehicles in Japan. This system provides visual feedback to promote or confirm efficient driving. Moreover, all Civic models have improved fuel economy in the U.S. EPA ratings, with up to 8% improvement on the highway for models with an automatic transmission compared to the 2011 versions.

5. **Interior Features**:
- The Mk9 Civic features a "two-tier" instrument panel with significant redesigns. Most models (except for the base model DX) come with an Intelligent Multi-Informational Display (iMID), which integrates information of the vehicle with that from compatible personal electronics and steering wheel controls.

The Honda Civic Mk9 is celebrated for its solid build, innovative technology, and fuel efficiency, making it a competitive choice in the compact car segment.