Opel Astra K


The Opel Astra K, covering the model years 2015 to 2020, has been a mix of hits and misses. On the positive side, its engines, particularly the 1.4 Turbo with outputs ranging from 125 to 150 horsepower, offer a decent balance between performance and fuel efficiency. The car also features Aktion Gesunder Rücken-certified seats, known for their comfort, especially during long drives. These seats, not commonly found in its class, could make the extra cost for options like ventilated or massaging seats worthwhile for those prioritizing comfort.

However, the Astra K has not been without its issues. Reliability concerns have been noted, including problems with the low-speed preignition in the 1.0 Turbo SIDI engine, though these issues are reportedly less frequent in the Astra K compared to other models. The manual versions of the 1.4 Turbo have been known to be hard on clutches, and there have been instances of rear brakes and calipers getting stuck. Additionally, the infotainment system has been critiqued for being less intuitive and for an overly aggressive traffic sign recognition feature that could become distracting.

From a used car perspective, the Astra (2015 - 2019) has been appreciated for its smarter, lighter, and more efficient design compared to its predecessors. It marked a significant step up in terms of technological offerings and fuel efficiency. However, prospective buyers should be aware of potential issues such as problems with the ECU unit, spurious warning lights, difficulties with the Intellilink infotainment system, and reports of clutch and gearbox failures within the first 10,000 miles. As with any used vehicle, checking for signs of wear and tear, especially on the alloy wheels and interior, is advisable.

In summary, the Opel Astra K offers a blend of comfort, efficiency, and technology, making it a compelling choice in the compact car segment. Nonetheless, potential buyers should be mindful of its known issues, particularly regarding reliability and the infotainment system. When considering a used Astra K, it's crucial to conduct a thorough inspection and possibly consider an extended warranty for peace of mind.


The Opel Astra K (2015-2019) has generally received positive feedback from its owners, but there are some reliability concerns to be aware of. Issues reported include problems with the ECU unit, spurious warning lights, difficulties with the Intellilink infotainment system, and some cases of clutch and gearbox failures within the first 10,000 miles. It's recommended to check for these potential problems when considering a used Astra K, along with common used vehicle checks such as for alloy wheel scratches and interior damage.

Best Engine

For the Opel Astra K, the best engine choices vary based on your preference for fuel type and performance needs. The petrol 1.4 Turbo with either 125 or 150 horsepower is recommended for a good balance of power and efficiency. In the diesel lineup, the 1.6 CDTi with 110 horsepower is appreciated for its decent performance and reliability. These options offer a mix of efficiency, reliability, and driving enjoyment, making them popular choices among Astra K drivers.


The Opel Astra K offers a range of engines including 1.0, 1.4 Turbo petrol engines with various power outputs, and 1.6 diesel options. It features modern infotainment systems with connectivity options, advanced driver assistance technologies, and a focus on fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The interior is designed for comfort and practicality, with quality materials. Exterior dimensions are compact yet provide a spacious cabin and luggage space. Performance varies by engine, with options balancing economy and power for city driving and longer journeys.